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The Whip TW-AK4 Alarm Kit Anti-Theft Detection Device


  • TW-8100
  • Master Security control panel
  • Security command Center keypad with zone and status LEDs
  • Professional grade bullhorn Speaker 122dB
  • Plug in transformer
  • Battery back up

The Whip TW-8100 is a professional grade air conditioner theft detection device designed to connect air conditioner coils to an electronic security system.  The TW-8100’s unique design incorporates a mechanically operated dry contact and a sealed array of field-selectable End-of-Line Resistors (EOLRs) so that it can be securely connected to almost any brand of electronic security system.   The AK4 alarm kit allows for easy tie in to existing alarm systems.

Key features and benefits:

  • UL listed control panel
  • Multiple zones - TW-AK4 has four individual supervised zones so that each condensing unit has it's own zone
  • Zone supervision - constant monitoring of the wire from the control panel to THE WHIP to make sure that the wiring is properly functioning
  • Individual zone indication/identification - Distinguishes between each indivual air conditioner
  • Short circuit creates alarm - If any of the four zones are short circuited then the alarm activates immediately
  • System keypad - Includes LEDs for Status, trouble, alarm and individual zone condition
  • Security codes - TW-AK4 requires a 4 digit security code (up to eight codes can be programmed) for arming/disarming
  • Battery back up - Included
  • Digital communicator - Integrated digital communicator that is compatible with any standard telephone line of full data cellular alarm communicator and can report to any central station of choice
  • Cellular communicator - compatable with any full data cellular communicator
  • Individual zone reporting - reports to central station/email/text the specific zone where problem exists
  • Email/text message notification - when monitoring service or cellular communications are used TW-AK4 sends zone specific notices
  • Smart Phone App - when cellular communication is used the user can arm/disarm the system online or via smart phone. Additionally, the thermostat can be controlled by the app.
  • Upload / download - when connected to a telephone line, the programming features, event memory buffer and other commands can be securely accessed by a remote computer
  • Event memory buffer - TW-AK4 has a 500 event memory buffer consisting of time, date and user number for event arming, disarming, bypassed zones, system  malfunction, upload, download, local programming accessed and other system activity. 
  • Siren/Speaker - features a lower frequency warble tone speaker that blasts at 122dB.
  • Siren/Sounder Supervision - If the siren becomes disconnected or the wiring to the control panel and siren is broken then the keypad will sound and flash SERVICE to indicate the trouble condition

  • Item #: TW-AK4

The Whip TW-AK4 Alarm Kit

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