The Concentric Vent allows both the intake for combustion air and the exhaust vent to pass through a standard roof or sidewall. This is an alternative to the standard two pipe intake/vent shown in the
basic furnace installation instructions.

Two Concentric Vent products are available: CVENT-2 is for use with 2” intake/vent systems and CVENT-3 is for use with 3” intake/vent systems. Refer to the furnace installation instructions for intake/vent pipe sizing information.

NOTE: The Concentric Vent reduces the allowable intake/vent
piping length by 5 feet from that listed in the basic furnace
installation instructions.

Do not use the Concentric Vent kit for anything other than a
Category IV furnace. Failure to follow this warning could result in
fire, personal injury or death.

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